Accounting services



Our agency can perform complete managing of business for you, or if you prefer only help you in certain areas.

Our advantage is knowledge of English, Serbian, Slovak and Czech language as well as work experience with foreign companies. This way we offer to our clients possibility of cooperation with foreign partners:

  • general ledger;
  • analytical balance records, accounts, listing the open items
  • calculation of value added tax
  • keeping tax records
  • VAT records
  • export-import accounts with the calculation of development
  • annual finance stantment
  • inventory and depreciation of fixed assets
  • calculating social security contributions
  • management of cash
  • production of KEPU book
  • posting of the retail price with creating calculations
  • posting wholesale price with creating calculations
  • posting the market, stock records or materials

Also we work on field, registration and de-registration of workers, represent client before tax authorities, consulting with a lawyer specialized in corporate law.There are many other services that we can offer to our client if they need.

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Kralja Petra I 20, Inđija, Serbia
Tel: 022/554-227
Mob: 069/712-866